Authentic Tsipouro

Enjoy the taste that will stimulate your senses



Much has been written and said about tsipouro. Legislation defines and protects it. Greek folk tradition has made it into song. In the taverns, it accompanies exquisite dishes as well as simple appetizers. Wizened hands holding a shot glass next to the modern versions for the younger ones. Everyone enjoys it in their own way.

Tsipouro has been an integral part of life for Greeks ever since the 14th century, when the Church shared the knowledge of its production with the viticulturists of Macedonia and Thessaly. Thus, it became “holy tsipouro”.

It is simply a gift from God to mankind. It accompanies joy, sorrow and love and brings people closer to each other.

This is the kind of Tsipouro we produce as a company. Respecting tradition, laws, and people, we invite you, whether or not you are a lover of fine spirits, to get to know us through a glass of fine Tsipouro from our distillery.


Our Distillery

Our distillery is equipped with a state-of-the-art alembic still for multiple distillations, which meets all safety criteria in accordance with international standards and ensures the production of quality spirits.


Our History

Our company was founded in 2000 by Dimitrios Mitos. As a child growing up among the presses and fermentations, he learned the secrets of tsipouro distillation from his grandparents. Thus, from an early age he dreamed of having his his own distillery and of combining traditional knowledge with modern technology.



Mitos Distillery
Thesprotiko, Preveza 483 00

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